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By choosing Creativision99, you're not just selecting a training provider; you're choosing a partner committed to enhancing your team's capabilities and fostering an inclusive culture. Our bespoke courses, flexible delivery, and HRD Corp claimable options are designed to provide your organization with the tools it needs to succeed in today's dynamic workplace.

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Every course we offer is crafted to address the unique challenges and objectives of your organization. By focusing on interactive and practical learning, we ensure that our training resonates with your team, fostering real-world application and transformative change. Our process involves a deep dive into your organization's context to create or modify courses and modules that deliver targeted results.

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We prioritize flexible scheduling and format adjustments to make our training sessions as accessible and convenient as possible. Our commitment to small group sizes guarantees personalized attention, maximizing learning outcomes and participant engagement. Whether it's adapting session timings or accommodating various group sizes, our approach is designed to meet your logistical and educational needs.

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With most of our courses eligible for HRD Corp claims, partnering with Creativision99 allows you to maximize your training budget while investing in high-quality, accredited training programs. This financial benefit, coupled with our tailored, practical training solutions, ensures that your investment in employee development is both effective and efficient.

Disability Equality Training

Program Structure

The training unfolds through an integrated curriculum that begins with the fundamental concepts of disability, exploring its importance and the societal barriers that impact individuals.

We delve into innovative thinking processes to build bridges towards accessibility and inclusion, covering the practical aspects of communication and assistance.

The program synthesizes theory with real-world application, offering insights into various types of impairments and their effects on individuals’ lives, ensuring participants understand how to create supportive environments for everyone.

Benefits of This Program

  • Gain a solid understanding of disability, including societal impacts and individual experiences.
  • Learn to identify and overcome physical and attitudinal barriers in various settings.
  • Acquire techniques for respectful and effective communication with people with impairments.
  • Understand how to offer practical assistance and make spaces more accessible.
  • Apply the insights and skills gained in both professional environments and daily interactions.


Featured Programs

Disability-Inclusive Workplace

Program Structure

Our curriculum takes participants on a comprehensive journey through the essential components of disability inclusion.

Starting with a deep dive into understanding disability, the program progressively covers effective communication strategies, inclusive policies, practical workplace adjustments, and the nuances of hiring and employee retention.

The workshop culminates in action planning, where participants develop concrete steps to apply their learning in their organizations.

Benefits of This Program

  • Develop a deep understanding of disability inclusion and its importance in the workplace.
  • Enhance communication and interaction skills with individuals with impairments.
  • Fosters a more diverse, productive, and positive environment across all levels of an organization by creating an inclusive workplace through reasonable accommodations.
  • Create an inclusive hiring process, from recruitment to retention.
  • Generate actionable plans and personal commitments to champion disability inclusion within the organization